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Did you know that extreme heat or cold can negatively affect your vehicle’s starting system, charging system and battery? For this reason, it’s a good idea to get these components of your car inspected by the auto repair specialists at Bingo Tire before the summer and winter months hit.

Of course, regular maintenance can only do so much to prevent normal repair and replacement service needs. If your engine is refusing to start, it’s probably due to one of three reasons: faulty battery, faulty alternator or faulty starter...


Your car’s battery routes power to your ignition, motor, fuel system and other electrical components to help start your vehicle and keep things like your car radio, digital clock and more powered on. A dead engine doesn’t necessarily equate to a dead battery — but it could. If you’re unable to start your car, you may need to have your battery replaced by our expert VA auto mechanics.

Need your battery tested to see how much time you have left before your next replacement? We’d be happy to do a battery diagnostic on your vehicle. Keep in mind that most batteries will last for 2-3 years, depending on the model and brand purchased.

The role of the alternator is to charge your vehicle’s battery using power from the engine. If your car isn’t starting, it could be a dead battery, a faulty starter — or it could be the alternator.
The best way to diagnose your problem is to take your car, truck or SUV into Bingo Tire for a comprehensive inspection. We’ll check and replace your alternator or alternator belt as needed, ensuring your vehicle is running as it should.

Your car’s starting system is a complex network of wires, crankshafts, pistons and various other components. If even one of these wires gets disconnected or dirt or debris prevent one of these parts from functioning at full capacity, your starter may refuse to perform its basic role — starting your vehicle.

At Bingo Tire, we offer professional alternator repairs and replacements from an experienced team of mechanics trained to provide only the best, most affordable service available.

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