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A well-functioning differential is essential to your vehicle’s maneuverability. As your car is navigating a turn, it’s important that your differential is doing its job to maintain the overall speed of your car. At Bingo Tire, our auto repair department has experience working with differential repairs for cars, trucks and SUVs of all types — including four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

When you come in to one of our Bingo Tire Locations for differential service, we’ll begin by draining any old fluid from your differential and re-filling it with brand-new differential fluid. Next, we’ll perform any repairs we find necessary to keep your car performing at optimum capacity.

Visit Bingo Tire for a Professional Differential Inspection

There are a few clues that may reveal issues with your front or rear differential — noise is the most common warning sign, so keep your ears peeled for anything out-of-the-ordinary:

- Grinding, whirring or clunking noise while driving 
- Whining while accelerating to 60 mph or higher, or during deceleration 
- Change in noise as you switch lanes or turn a corner 

Not sure if the strange noise coming from your car indicates a differential problem or some other issue? Bring your car to Bingo Tire for a differential inspection! We’d be happy to help you diagnose your problem and provide you with professional, affordable service to prevent any further issues down the road.

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