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Four-Wheel Drive Service

Although four-wheel drive vehicles are typically lauded for their ability to withstand the treacherous roads of a brutal winter, there are many other great reasons to purchase a car, truck or SUV with all-wheel drive. Besides maintaining strong traction on wet or snowy terrain, most 4-wheel drive vehicles also handle exceptionally well on hills, mountains, backcountry roads — even off road.

If you own an all-wheel drive vehicle, bear in mind that you will need to schedule additional service apart from your routine auto maintenance services. Four-wheel drive service and maintenance differs from vehicle to vehicle, so it’s important to be aware of your car’s individual requirements — consult your owner’s manual or with one of the VA auto mechanics at Bingo Tire.

We Repair & Replace 4WD Transfer Cases, Locking Hubs & More

At Bingo Tire, our experienced auto repair technicians offer the training and expertise to keep your 4WD system running smoothly and efficiently no matter what. We proudly provide the following auto repair services for your four-wheel drive:

Transfer Case Service
With each inspection, we’ll check for proper fluid levels, inspect for unusual amounts of moisture, as well as the presence of dirt, debris and other wear particles, and add new lubricant to your transfer case.

Locking Hub Service
Locking hub maintenance is essential to your AWD vehicle’s performance. We’ll start by disassembling your locking hubs, then thoroughly cleaning the hubs and providing new lubrication to allow your car to easily switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive.

Differential System Service
Differential repair service involves the draining of fluid from the differential and refilling it with new, clean fluid to keep it lubricated working strong. Learn more about our differential repair services.

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