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Although diesel engine systems require a certain level of service beyond what you may find with a regular gasoline engine, they typically do not require regular service or maintenance until your car or truck reaches the 500,000 mile point. Ultimately, this saves you money on repairs and replacements and allows for greater fuel economy in the long run. Whether it’s time to schedule routine auto maintenance of your diesel engine, or you’ve found your vehicle experiencing issues with drivability or excessive noise or smoke, you can count on the team at Bingo Tire for quality, affordable diesel engine service.

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Below are the main indicators of diesel engine problems, and the services our auto mechanics at locations throughout VA provide to resolve them:

1. Drivability and Hard Start Issues. If your car has less than 500,000 miles on it, you shouldn’t be having any major issues with drivability or starting. Drivability or hard start issues may indicate a faulty glow plug or turbocharger, as well as low cranking speeds or flat batteries.

2. Excessive Smoke. Although smoke emissions are common with diesel engines, excessive smoke could signal a more significant issue with your diesel engine system. With our excessive smoke diagnosis, we’ll pinpoint the root of the smoke problem and perform any repairs that may need to be done to fix it.

3. Excessive Noise. Much like smoke emissions, a certain level of noise can be expected with any diesel engine. But excessive noise is a usually a good warning sign that your engine is experiencing less-than-typical problems — ones that that may end up costing you down the road, if not responded to as quickly as possible. Get your diesel engine excessive noise smoke diagnosis today to prevent these problems from happening.

We also offer turbocharger repairs and replacement, as well as glow plug service and replacement.

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