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Keep Cool & Stay Warm With Our Auto AC & Heating Service in VA

There’s really no good time for your car’s AC or heating system to break down, but no one wants to turn on their engine in the dead of winter to find the vents blowing out cold air, or only warm air in the middle of a hot summer. If your air conditioning or heating system is functioning at less than optimal capacity, call the auto repair specialists at Bingo Tire! With a number of convenient locations throughout Virginia, as well as efficient, effective service, you don’t have to go too long without AC or heat in your car, truck or SUV.

Heating & Air Conditioning System Inspections, Diagnostics & Repairs
Of course, regular maintenance of your auto heating and air conditioning systems should keep these components of your vehicle running smoothly and predictably for a long time. However, if you do find yourself faced with any issues with your heating or AC, you can rely on our auto mechanics for quality inspections, diagnostics, repairs and other related services. The spring and fall months are a great time to come in for an air conditioning system or heating system diagnostic, respectively — these visits ensure your vehicle is prepared to handle the often harsh temperatures brought in by summer and winter. Of course, more pressing service needs can be handled by our auto repair department as well.

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