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Does your car pull to one side when you try and stop? Do you hear that painfully loud and embarrassing squeaking when you stop at an intersection? Have you had to hit the brakes quickly only to find that you had to practically press the pedal to the floor to feel the results? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to visit Bingo Tire location for a complete brake inspection. Bingo Tire is a leading source for brakes repair, replacement and inspection in Virginia.

Fix Your Squeaking Brakes in Virginia

Slamming on brakes to make a sudden stop is one of the more unfortunate aspects of driving; drivers have to be aware at all times. In addition to staying in tune with the road, a good driver has to keep their brakes in proper working condition. Squeaking brakes, steering wheel pulls and hard pressing of pedals are the more obvious signs that it’s time for brake repair or replacement. But, as brakes degrade slowly over time, it becomes harder to notice the small, incremental changes — the types of changes that can slow reaction and stoppage time.
Drivers in North Carolina and Virginia depend on their brakes — don’t let these key components of your car go without the proper care and preventative maintenance!

Brake Pads, Fluid, Rotors & More — Bingo Tires Services Them All

What factors come into play when a vehicle goes from stop to start? Brake pads, fluid, rotors, calipers and discs working in unison all contribute to a rapid, clean stop. Are all aspects of your car’s brakes in proper working order? There’s only one way to find out — reach out to our local technicians today! Our team specializes in more than just tires — Bingo Tire is the one-stop shop for all of your vehicles needs!

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